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1BizApp - Taking on the Software Giants
WildWebSolutions and 1BizApp
"...it does everything I need it to and more and is regularly being updated with new features and improvements. I highly recommend it for small businesses and have even got some of my clients using it. I taught myself how to use its incredible features using their huge collection of training videos. "
Emma Wilden, Wild Web Solutions
BEC Services use 1BizApp
"Working with the 1BizApp consultants we replaced our limited spreadsheets with an optimised and automated workflow.
We now have the tools in place to cope with our expanding business and have been able to make cost savings, improve cash-flow and eliminate the risk of missing important inspections and service visits."
Steve Beales, BEC Services
BSB use 1BizApp Software Solution
"Producing monthly report packs did take 2 weeks. It now takes two days giving us more time to analyse the data and give a better service. Its a big win for us and our customers."
Lee Burchell, Bespoke 4 Business
Tappers use 1BizApp Business Management System
"With 10 branches, 2 vehicle fleets and over 50 staff we have a lot of moving parts on any given day. Our reputation is everything and we can’t afford to make a single mistake, no matter how small. 1FuneralApp is the core system throughout the organisation making sure everything runs smoothly. 1FuneralApp and the latest associated technologies also enable us to give additional services to our clients that our competitors cannot."
Steven Tapper, Tapper Funeral Service


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